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Economic Development in Nashua

Nashua is truly a great place to raise a family, build relationships and invest in enterprise.  Nashua has a lot to offer new businesses and families. We have great schools that offer more one on one attention for your children. There is a strong sense of community here with many small town benefits. Go to the Attractions page for more information. We have several housing additions with lots for sale within the city limits and some that are outside the city limits with one being close to the lake.

If you are looking to move here to relocate or open a new business, there are store fronts, lots and areas for manufacturing development. Conveniently located by the Avenue of the Saints, Nashua provides easy access to this major North/ South corridor that runs from St. Louis, MO to Minneapolis/St. Paul MN.  All of this, along with other amenities that we have to offer, truly make our town a great place to live, work and do business. Please, take a look at us; better yet, come and visit us!

For your information we have provided a list of real estate and contractor contacts:


Cedar Hill Addition

Cedarhill Development

Dave Demro

2705 Ivanhoe Ave.

Nashua, IA 50658




Fairway Addition-


Mark Moine/Wes Becthold






Harbor Ridge Addition

Dietz Land Development

Darin Dietz





Jack Demro Addition







Lakeview Estates Addition

Russell Strawn-



Schluter Addition

Howard Schluter-



Tomani Greens Addition

Tom Sullivan-






CONTRACTORS with lots or spec homes for sale:

Dietz Construction LLC

2696 Hwy. 218 N.

Nashua, IA 50658

Phone: 641-435-2080

email: ddietz@dietzconstructionllc.com

web: dietzconstructionllc.com



Sullivan Construction

Tom Sullivan, Owner

2720 Durham Ave.

Nashua, IA 50658


email: tomani@rconnect.com





Mike Hanneman Construction-641-435-4098

Jeff Smith Construction-641-435-4651


REALTORS: Contact one of us for your future Nashua residence:


P A C  Real Estate

Pat Crooks

282 Lakeshore Dr..

Nashua, IA 50658




Muller Auction Company

Wendell Muller

2950 Asherton Ave.

Nashua, IA 50658


Phone: 641-435-4116


New Age Realty

Donna Pierce

308 Main St.

P.O. Box 675

Nashua, IA 50658

Phone: 641-435-2087

email: piercedonna@earthlink.net

website: www.newage-realty.com


Hinz Realty

Vicki Shipp

2912 Asherton Ave.

Nashua, IA 50658

Phone: 641-435-2614

website: threeoakstree@yahoo.com


John N. Larsen

Real Estate Salespeson

Roach Farms, Inc.

714 Main St.

Plainfield, IA 50666

Phone: 641-435-2507 or

cell 641-257-7022



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