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 Welcome to the Nashua-Plainfield School Page! While this isn't the official school site (for that go to: nashua-plainfield.k12.ia.us ) We are very proud of our schools here in Nashua. Our schools feature great teachers who give their all to their students and because the classrooms are small, your child receives a lot of individual attention creating a better learning atmosphere. The graduation rate in the Nashua-Plainfield School District is exceptionally high, about 98%  and in comparison to other schools across the state of Iowa, Nashua-Plainfield rates way above the state average in terms of math, reading and science. You can see excerpts from the Annual Progress Report from 2009 -2010 school year here: Annual Progress Report



Superintendent, Mr. Randy Strabala


K-8 Principal, Mr. Edwin Anderson eanderson@nashua-plainfield.k12.ia.us

High School Principal, Erik Smith



 Nashua-Plainfield Elementary

Nashua-Plainfield High School



Nashua-Plainfield Middle School